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How does a major player in the parcel delivery industry respond to the real changes wrought by digital technologies? Customers’ expectations in this space continue to grow with the decrease in traditional mail and exponential growth in online transactions resulting in more parcel delivery.

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Communication Design
Art Direction
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ThoughtFull Design

Design Leads:

Geoff Suvalko & Hudson Smales


Sergio Membrillas

The Challenge

My role as communication designer was to bring the design leads' research insights and developed end-to-end parcel experience framework to life through the creation of a visual language and subsequent customer experience development tools.

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The Process

Working with the creative director, I visualised the experience framework, sender types and receiver modes through sketching and low fidelity mock ups. I then worked with our chosen illustrator, Sergio Membrillas, to build the needed assets. Finally, through colour, layout and typography, I created all the assets to print ready files. Utilising printers and signage resources, I then managed the production and delivery of pull up banners, printed insights handbook and posters.

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