Waiwera Spirits

No Six O'Clock Swill

How does an artesian water brand, steeped in the fabric of New Zealand heritage, effectively expand its product offering into the alcohol sector? Connoisseurs and patrons alike are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality boutique spirits, making it a feat to stand out on the shelf.

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Waiwera Spirits
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History of Hotels and Liquor Laws →
The Challenge

To create a brand experience that welcomes a broad demographic and introduces them to the world of Waiwera Spirit and the extended brand family.

The Process

Naming was inspired by the history of liquor laws in New Zealand where taverns would pretend to have accommodation to get around the ‘six-o’clock-closing’ laws – which banned the sale of alcohol in bars after six p.m.

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The Result

A live venue that harnessed multiple revenue streams with additional functionality as central city business headquarters for all aspects of the Waiwera Group.

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